Dyno tune deposit- If paying remainder at dyno appointment

$ 100.00

Dyno tuning on an in house dynojet 224 for 2wd cars.  If you have an AWD car, must be able to disconnect the rear electronic diff (focus RS, golf r, mazdaspeed6) Once purchased we can schedule an appointment. Please respond to the order confirmation email- include all you vehicle info, year/model of car, full mod list, octane fuel you are using, power goals, and also mention any concerns or questions you may have.

Pricing below is estimate for mazdaspeed 3/6, Ford Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Focus RS, vw mk6 gti, vw mk7 gti. Other vehicles please email for pricing info

2WD dyno tune- starting at 500 for a single fuel tune 

AWD dyno tune- starting at 550 for a single fuel tune  

additional 150 if you need PI tuning using split second controller or similar  

Additional fuel tune on same day is additional 150  (meth injection or e85 mix)

email freektune@gmail.com for retune pricing info or stand alone ecu tuning pricing  

Testing and/or tuning on the Chassis Dynometer will push your vehicle to its mechanical limits. You (the undersigned customer) assume all the risks and liabilities associated with testing and tuning your engine to the mechanical limits. FREEKTUNE LLC cannot guarantee that your engine, powertrain, or complete car will be capable of handling the stresses incurred without the potential for costly failure. Under NO circumstances is FREEKTUNE LLC liable for ANY damages to your engine, powertrain,
or any part of the vehicle incurred during or after your vehicle is tested and/or tuned on the
 Chassis Dynometer. If any part on your car (including but not limited to engine, turbos, intake system, exhaust system, transmission, driveline, differential, or tires) fail during or after dyno testing and/or tuning, FREEKTUNE LLC is in NO way responsible for the repair, replacement or cost of the failed part(s).

If the vehicle needs to have things repaired on the dyno. It is a labor rate of 150/hr. Plus cost of parts. For example, spark plugs not properly gapped, boost leaks etc.

I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the potential risks involved with dyno testing / tuning and that I waive any and all claims against FREEKTUNE LLC for ANY damage to my vehicle as a result thereof.  I acknowledge and agree that I solely accept the risks, liabilities, and potential expense of pushing my car to its mechanical limits.

All deposits made for dyno tune appointments are final. If you miss or cancel your appointment, another deposit will need to be made along with a new appointment

By purchasing this product, you agree to the terms and conditions above



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