AIC1-V4H w/4-Channel Tach Additional Injector Controller

$ 299.99

The AIC1-V4H w/4-channel tach is a highly specialized version of the AIC1.  It is specifically used to add four additional port injectors on 4-cylinder, direct injected engines.  As with the other versions of the AIC1, it is programmed with the R4 engine management software which is included.  Connection to a laptop is made through a USB to serial adapter cable which is not included.  The USB to serial cable we sell on this site is highly recommended.

Instead of an internal pressure sensor, the AIC1-V4H w/4-channel tach has a voltage input with a 0-5 V range.  The voltage input can come from a stock or external map sensor, or from an MAF sensor.  This means the load can be based on either pressure or flow and is not limited to a fixed range.

The AIC1-V4H w/4-channel tach has four separate tach wires.  A true-tach reading for engine RPM is generated by the four tach inputs.  Each tach wire is connected to the trigger signal on each ignition coil.  These tach inputs work with coils that are triggered by narrow 5 V pulses.  Modern Ford and Mazda and other direct-injected turbo engines use this type of coil trigger.

*This unit does not come pre-programmed.  It is essential that you load an appropriate map before running this unit on an engine.

Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway.

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