Ford Focus ST OTS plus map

$ 150.00

This map is intended for a person that does not want a full custom tune. My off the shelf map, is my own custom tune that has hundreds of hours of research and development. This map is like no other off the shelf map.  It is custom tailored to your mods and is the same base map that you would get with a full custom tune. Then you will receive one additional revision, and also have a professional eye looking at your datalogs from both maps to ensure the vehicle is running safe. You will need a Cobb Accessport for this tune to work on your vehicle. This is for 91/93 octane, you can add an e85 version. If you add e85 you will receive a 91/93 Freektune OTS plus map as well.

Once the tune has been purchased, you will recieve a confirmation email. Please respond to that with the following info. Year/model of car, accessport serial number, full mod list, octane fuel you are using, elevation that you are running at, power goals, and also mention any concerns or questions you may have.

 Base map files are typically sent out within 2-3 business days after email is received

 *Programming device not included

How Does e-tuning work-

eTuning is the process of creating a custom calibration (custom tune) for your specific vehicle based on vehicle datalogs that are taken with your programmer. The process is very simple for you. Once we have your vehicle and mod info, you will receive a custom base map that is specific to your vehicle and mods. With each calibration that is sent you will also get some basic instructions on a few datalogs that need to be taken with each calibration file.  This process should be fun, so enjoy the tuning process! Don't stress out if the datalogs aren't perfect.

Once we see the datalogs, we will analyze the data provided by the PCM (powertrain control module) and the advanced sensors that are on the vehicle. With this data we can see exactly what the vehicle is doing and how it is performing and start making the necessary changes to dial in the car. Once the next calibration is ready, you will receive an email with the analysis, and a new map to flash the PCM with and some new instructions on datalogs that are needed. Then we rinse and repeat until the car is completely dialed in!

*Note- If basic mods are added during the tune process, or after the tune is completed, there is a touch up tune fee. If a different turbo is added a full Big Turbo retune is required.

**Under no circumstances are refunds granted once the base calibration is made and sent via email 

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