Remote dyno time 75/hr

$ 75.00

This is an option to have myself dedicated to your vehicle only during a remote tuning session. This is on top of the standard tune price. Once the standard tune is purchased and we have done some street tuning to ensure the car is ready for the dyno. We will use this time to remote tune the vehicle on your dyno of choice. If the car is 100% ready to go, it should only take an additional hour on the dyno.

This option can also be used for live street tuning, keep in mind that street tuning is going to take several hours due to how quickly you will be able to take logs safely and send them back.

This session will be coordinated within business hours Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST. Some exceptions may apply due to time zone changes etc, so we can make this work for everyone involved.

Customer is responsible for any dyno rental fees that may be associated


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